Dawson Rest Update

The dogs have finished their third "Thanksgiving" dinner--turkey and Eagle kibble--and are now laying around on their "couches" napping. They have been eating very well. It seems their favorite is the turkey snacks. The only small glitch is we have to look around for a few more bags to keep them happy! Aliy had wanted to feed them every 7 hours to keep them on theirrace schedule. However, the dogs have different ideas. After 5 hours, they are scratching around in the straw eating leftovers from the previous meal. Aliy commented "This is the best eating team I've seen in awhile".

Allen is also on a sleep/eat schedule. He's been napping most of the day in 3 hour increments. After breakfast, he rested for a couple of hours, got up and moved around and chatted. Then went back to sleep for a few more hours. He's now off to a late lunch at one of the local establishments in Dawson, and then to the musher's meeting this evening.
Aliy, Ray and Wes have been working with the dogs all morning. Wes has been on dog tent duty and hanging out in the Arctic Oven tent when he isn't feeding or massaging. Aliy has been busy washing and drying clothing at the hotel, and meeting up with friends and acquaintances who traveled to see the race-in between trips to the dog tent. Ray has been working on drying out the sled and repairs. The local RCMP have opened up their heated garage for the mushers to park their sleds and work on them if repairs are needed. So though it's a "rest" period in the race, it's still a very busy time for everyone involved.