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Friday, February 10, 2012

Dawson Dog Yard Is Quiet

After a very busy and exciting morning, it’s kind of quiet around the dog tent now. All 13 dogs are gone from their boxes, leaving only remnants of a dog team behind--flat sleeping straw, bits of uneaten food, and the smell of Algyval hanging in the air.

Apparently the warm weather, good food, massages, cuddles from visitors, and sleep did its job. Allen was able to take all 13 dogs! All the dogs were running happily down the campground road, and south on to the Yukon River. The trail out of a comfortable town is always a bit difficult, yet the team took it in stride. There was slight confusion on the edge of town as the Yukon Quest trail takes a "haw" and the local traffic

takes a “haw” and the local traffic takes a “gee”, but Allen and the team with the trail groomers sorted it out. Such is the life of a musher and team in first place!

The rest of the crew is taking a well deserved rest at the Downtown hotel, before breaking camp and packing up for the next checkpoint in Pelly Crossing. Though there are dog drops and local cabins along the way, the team will base out of Pelly Crossing until Allen arrives at the checkpoint.

Allen does have a "repaired" spot tracker so we should be able to continue following him on his way to Whitehorse. Already he is crossing over King Solomon's Dome-a major milestone in this half of the race. It's been exciting so far, and we're sure it will continue to be interesting!


Lynne D said...

Thank you all so much for taking the time to update us. I really appreciate the time and effort it takes to do this.

Linda F said...

Love the doggie camp "after" pictures! Looks like they were real cozy! Looking forward to tracking Allen with his "repaired" tracker!

Anonymous said...

Allen and doggies,

So glad to hear that Schmoe was able to continue the race.
Keep up the good work. Remember --- Happy Feet! All the way to Whitehorse.
You can do it!

NCL said...

Another awesome post. Good luck to everyone!