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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Allen Through Mile 101

Allen left Mile 101 at 9:21 this morning after a five hour nine minutes rest with a happy dog team. They've been eating great and rested well, especially considering all the action at the checkpoint. True to the Quest, the run from Two Rivers to Mile 101 was no cakewalk.
Allen and the team navigated sloping glaciers of frozen overflow as well as numerous pools of wet overflow. Every musher into Mile 101 had wet clothes and feet. Even with the challenges, the dogs are looking spunky after the first 110 miles. Scooter is the only dog unable to continue due to a shoulder; however, judging by her twirling, screaming, barking behavior upon arrival at the checkpoint, you'd never know. I'll have more shortly from Central checkpoint.

Here are a few pictures from the Mile 101 checkpoint. The weather couldn't be better- gorgeous sunrise, warm temps, and no wind.


Linda F said...

Thanks for the pics and video! It's been great following Allen's progress here and on the Yukon Quest site! GOOD LUCK, ALLEN and all the wonderful dogs!

Linda Toth said...

Wow - that Alaskan sky .. holy moly.