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Monday, February 6, 2012

Allen Resting at Slaven's

Allen arrived at Slaven's Dog Drop at 5:10 AST and is currently resting there. He made it to the dog drop in third position behind Brent Sass and Hugh Neff. There is now a large group of Mushers camping there. The temperatures on the trail are still unseasonably warm, quite a difference from Allen's run through this area last year.

There is an interesting shot of Allen's patched sled at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yukonquest/6828540987/

After leaving the Alaskan road system at the Athabaskan Village of Circle, the mushers head along the Yukon River towards the next checkpoint, Eagle. About a third of the way is the Slaven's Roadhouse Dog Drop, always known for its wonderful hospitality.

"Located in Yukon-Charley National Parkand Perserve, Slaven’s Roadhouse is the oldest known roadhouse on the Alaskan river system. The National Park Service staff volunteers their time and hospitality to ensure the mushers and their teams have a comfortable rest on the long run to Eagle." (Yukon Quest Website) Our friend Susan Holly is heading up the Park Service staff this year.

Allen will be back on the trail to Eagle this evening. Ryne and Bob are back from Circle and Central just crossing paths with the Dawson bound crew. Aliy, Ray and Wes left for Canada this afternoon. They are heading to Dawson to prepare a campsite for Allen and the dogs to use during their 36 hour manditory layover there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wonderful reports! Great that Alan and the dogs are doing so well.

Anonymous said...

I checked the leaderboard and Allen is right there (3rd - about an hour back)???

Woof, Woof, Woof to the team and great to hear Olivia is getting a shot at lead!!!