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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Allen In Carmacks

Allen arrived at 3:58 pm into Carmacks checkpoint to a waiting crowd. He was three minutes behind Hugh Neff. However, Hugh has a 30 minute penalty to take during his Braeburn layover, due to a lost ax during the last run. The dogs ran into the checkpoint looking ready to continue on their way. All the dogs seem to be running smoothly. The vets had a look at a few dogs per Allen's request, just to be sure everything was alright. Allen quickly and efficiently fed the dogs their rest time snacks and bedded them down in the straw. He said the trail was smooth and the warm weather hadn't really effected it. However, he said it is warm running on the sled. It was apparent he had shed a few layers during his run due to his ski poling. As he was coming up off the river into the checkpoint, he reported that six neighborhood pet dogs ran over to the team to check them out. The team didn't even pause but continued on into the checkpoint. The pet dogs got snubbed. Allen is eating and resting, along with the team. Our two dropped dogs, Schmoe and Pud, are doing well also. They have been sleeping in their boxes where it is very warm. They have slept and eaten most of the day for a fast recovery. We'll see Allen and the team again for a mandatory 8 hour layover at Braeburn Lodge. The sweet rolls are supposed to be world famous so we'll look forward to those as we wait for Allen to roll in.


Anonymous said...

Poleing, poleing, poleing
though the frozen rivers are overflow’n,

keep on paddleing and poleing - Whitehorse

Snow and wind and temperatures, harness’s and tuglines tight,

down the trail at a steady pace

All the things I’m miss’n, good chow and sleep’n,

are waiting at the end of the trail

move em on, feed em up
rest em up, happy feet mov’n on
down the trail

Ok - so I don't write songs very well and I sort of used the music from Rawhide, but I think it fits pretty well.

As always - Happy Feet to the SPK Black Team. You can do it!
Whitehorse --- Here they come to collect their prize!

Macgellan said...

The dogs look FANTASTIC!!!!... Allen looks like he's in GREAT shape...
Looking at the second photo... Can anybody else hear Biscuit saying: "Put the camera down and bring me snacks!!!"
I haven't slept in days... Only get short breaks when the team does!
I love the song... Is it available iTunes yet? ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL Mac - No recording that iTunes would want to promote. Sorry my singing voice is patchy at best and I can't play an instrument to save my soul.
I'm kind of hopeing that it will become a song worm that will help get the Black Team to Whitehorse in 1 st place.
All of the happy referances are in honor of Happy the Iditarod finisher that you so kindly kissed her fanny in Nome. I hope you don't mind.
Happy is such a sweet dog and I know she thinks the world of you and you think the world of her. I hope you both are able to spend some much earned time together once she is retired from SPK.
Best wishes to the Black Team!
Happy Feet all the way to Whitehorse!

cha-cha's fan said...

I agree with Macgellan! the dogs look great. there is a great photo on the YQ-facebook showing allen coming in with the dogs.

good luck for this team!

Macgellan: how are you doing? I remember your reporting a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC UPDATES, GO ALLEN GO, GO SPK BLACK TEAM. been away all day so just catching up now. WOW!!!!!!! just checked the live tracker, Allen in the lead. Fantastic, Way to go.
Maureen W

Linda Toth said...

Is Jeanne still taking photos? The photo of Puppet is great, her white face with a little dusty of brown near her right ear, dark eyes. It is a great photo.