Allen and the Black Team leave Circle

Allen has left Circle at 8:57 AM with 13 dogs and headed out onto the Yukon River during sunrise. The next official Yukon Quest checkpoint is about 170 miles away. It is the village of Eagle. There is one known cabin open to the mushers along the route: Slavens Cabin. After that he will be camping on the river.

Ryne is up in Circle City along with Bob Hauer. We expect a report from them about the team and musher sometime today. There is no phone service in this part of Alaska, so communications are limited.

Ray Crowe, Wes and Aliy are leaving to drive to Dawson City this evening. The 20 (plus) hour drive will have them at the Dawson City checkpoint 24 hour before Allen arrives. Wendy is headed to Dawson a day later.