Friday, January 6, 2012

SP Kennel Howler -- CB300 & Yukon Quest Edition

It's here! The 2012 CB300 & Yukon Quest Edition of "Howler" -- the SP Kennel newsletter! Click the image below to open the PDF file in your web browser, then read it online and/or print it for later reference!


Casper said...

Hi Macgellan

You do such a great job with the HOWLER news. So professional layout.

I hope you will join the SP team again some day. And make some more interesting videos, like you did before.

And the best of luck to Aliy, Allen and Rayne in CB300.


Melissa K. said...

Good luck on all the races! I'll enjoy armchair mushing the next couple of months - and then REAL mushing in ANWR!
I've always wondered how the male dogs' underbelly wraps keep from getting wet when they stop to pee. It seems like they would need frequent changing.