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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ryne Crosses The Finish Line in 2nd Place

Ryne and the R&B team crossed the finish line at about 1:39 PM. They looked good-- though Cutter rode across the line in the sled bag--a bit sore from the run. For the "puppy" team these guys are doing GREAT!!!! They have real potential for their next race! Ryne is very happy with their overall run.

We'll post pictures of the finish from both teams as soon as we can--they are currently out of internet range but hopefully will be in later this afternoon.


Unknown said...

Jezzie barks- "That's my MOM! Way to go! I'm so excited-can't wait for you to get home!"

Macgellan said...

Way to go Ryne! Great race!

Only 15 mins behind Aliy!

I'm just dying to know how much Aliy was looking over her shoulder for you!

Fantastic! Hugs and pats to the dogs!

Linda Toth said...

Dang, I am glad Cutter made it to the finish, but sorry he was sore .. feet again?

Great work by his sons and the other puppies though.

Mrs. Jaybird said...

Fantastic finish for SPK! You have great dogs!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Congrats, fantastic finish for Aliy, Ryne and the dogs.

MBB said...

Impressive, Ryne
Iditarod here you come!

Jeff Buddington said...

YEAH RYNE!!! Loved this team!!! Daddy Cutter with his boys Boris and Mac (who obviously is getting his SIX SQUARE MEALS a day) and his sister Tug!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Nellim in Finland from a french musher .
Well done you both !!
Aliy, top ten this year ??
Ryne, Rookie of the year ??
Go SPK !!