Race Update: SP Kennel Teams 1st and 2nd after 1st stage

Aliy and Ryne raced through the Nowhere checkpoint on their first leg of the race. Aliy and Dallas Seavey were the first to show up at the checkpoint, however looking at the standings board, Aliy and Ryne posted the fastest times on that stage of the race--2:48 and 2:57 respectively! Our SP Kennel teams are 1st and 2nd in this race after the first stage!
We are awaiting the next race report from the HAM radio operators. The mushers should reach "Hal Morgan's Cabin" checkpoint around 7:15 local time--about 15 minutes from now. We'll post the run times for our teams as soon as we know them.

Wes is driving the dog truck to the Kershner’s Cabin Checkpoint, where the mushers have a six hour layover.