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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paxson Checkpoint updates

Both the Red and the Black teams are in to the Paxson checkpoint. Allen came in second only a minute or two behind the first musher. Aliy was the 4th musher into the checkpoint. She came in 22 minutes behind Allen. The dogs are running strong and tails were wagging as they came into the checkpoint. Allen says "The run was beautiful, probably one of the most pretty runs I've ever had", though it was a slower run then last year

Aliy's Red team is running well. Though on the river crossing it was nearly -40 she reckons. She said the trail breakers had done a really good job and the trail was clear. The sunset was a fantastic pink over the sky, and it was a great run. Beemer is doing fantastic. Tony and Nutmeg are setting the example for the other dogs to follow. Pud is back to his prime! She's happy with her race so far, and the dogs are currently devouring all their snacks.

Ryne's Red and Black team came in about 1 hour after the other SP Kennel teams. She's happy with her steady pace. They are still barking and ready to go!

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