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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Packing for the Yukon Quest


Anonymous said...

Great snow in Two Rivers, wow!

Lynne D said...

It looks like he won't have to share his M&M's this time. Best of luck and I will be "watching".

Linda Toth said...

What are the blue plastic rings?

Anonymous said...

How does it work that dog booties come in sizes and they get shipped in advance, but the final call on which dogs will race doesn't happen until closer to race day?
Thanks for all the coverage, and best of luck!

Aliy Zirkle said...

The blue Plastic rings are runner plastics that slide on the bottom of the aluminum runners. We have gotten several trail reports that indicate the trail is a little rough in spots and has rocks and gravel showing ..... usually from wind! Anyhow, Allen will change his plastics so that scratched up plastics don't slow him down. Each ring is one side of the sled.
Allen currently has a "two weeks out" dream team for the YQ. He knows their boot sizes and has packed accordingly. He then packed an additional larger boot - for a total of 15 dogs (one more than necessary). Then he packed XL and fleece boots at every checkpoint as a "just in case". And then he went through the route and added about 200 spare boots of different sizes at various points.
Yesterday, you should have seen him standing outside at 40 below zero with his hand on his chin... pondering the race (he really was the "Thinker" frozen in time!