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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Don Bowers 300 Red & Black Team Roster


Linda Toth said...

Brother-sister (Tug and Cutter), nephews-sons (Mac and Boris) ... Have fun Ryne and Aliy!

Macgellan said...

Wow, Ryne!... So what have you got here: Stormy (righty) and Spicy (lefty)... (or is it the other way around?)... Ought to be a swervy line!... Butter driving the pace, Skittles going berserk as always... Boris and Mac in wheel I'm betting... Good old reliable Rose in reserve... Cutter and Tug with their "brother" Moonpie... Kipper and Lester bringing Cha blood in the house... also Ranger to bring da noise like his ma... and Chemo, daughter of the cougar Pepper and the rascal Bubba... You can't make this team up!... I predict you'll have a fantastic ride!... Have fun!

jeff buddington said...

LOL great call Mac! I mentioned the same thing to Ryne on FB; a possible back four of Boris, Mac, Cutter and Tug. Butter coming off a trail breaking workout at Sheep Mountain with either Ranger or Stormy alongside. Rose collecting pets and giving out paw autographs on the trail. And 22 mph Skittles in the bullpen as our closer!

Macgellan said...

God one Jeff... I think we've just coined a new word on behalf of Rosie: "Pawtographs"

I think you gotta put Moonpie in the back end to offer some... um... "guidance" to the kids... So maybe Mac and Boris in wheel, Moonpie and Cutter next up... then Tug and Chemo... From the front I'd want the experience of Stormy and Spicy to lead out with Butter (power) and Ranger (barker) in swing... Team dogs to start: Kipper, Skittles (both available for later lead), Rose and Lester... So, to recap:

Stormy - Spicy
Butter - Ranger
Skittles - Rose
Kipper - Lester
Tug - Chemo
Moonpie - Cutter
Mac - Boris

What's your line-up card look like?
Anybody else want to play along?

jeff buddington said...

I'm in!
I don't mind early lead experience for 300 miles. And left side wheel seems to be Tug's natural position, so let's try this:


Macgellan said...

Sorry Jeff... I just don't see Ranger and Butter in lead... Butter's only really happy up there with a strong female like Cha... Maybe Stormy... I don't think Ranger is a strong enough lead for him...
I'm also not thrilled with Rose and Stormy in swing... I think more drive there would help... So I'd still move butter back to swing with Skittles...
I like your back end... Chemo next to Moon could be good for her... and all the other can "look up" to him...
I hope somebody gets a photo of Ryne's team at the start... It'd be fun to see how nuts we are!

Unknown said...

Standby gentlemen. I am going through the photos right now and will post her line up shortly.