Copper Basin300 Temporarily suspended

It's never boring in the dog sled racing world! The Copper Basin 300 race marshall has temporarily suspended the race between the Meier Lake and Sourdough checkpoints. The trail between these two points has apparently been blown over with about 5 feet of snow. Though it has been clear for the past few days, and no fresh snow, it is soft snow and the wind just blows it like down fluff. The reports are of course changing by the minute and depending on who you talk to.

The SP Kennel team had all passed the Meier Lake Checkpoint at various times during the early morning hours of Sunday. Allen left Meier Lake around 1:20 AM Aliy around 1:50 AM, and Ryne passed without resting-checking in and moving through.

The trail breakers met the mushers as they entered the hills and advised them to turn around back to Meier Lake. The mushers are on their way back to Meier Lake where the dogs will be fed and put back into the trucks for a rest. There is not enough room at the checkpoint to keep all the dog teams out in the yard. It is unclear how the race will proceed from this point forward.

Ray has headed to Sourdough with a dog food supply just in case any of the SP Kennel teams makes it through to Sourdough checkpoint.

We'll keep you updated as we know it.