Saturday, January 14, 2012


All of the SP Kennel teams are on the trail. Aliy left in the 5th slot, Allen went out in the 6th slot and Ryne headed out in the 22nd position. The start was very smooth for all of our teams. The SP dogs are sporting long leggings to protect their legs in the deep snow. The announcers are commenting on them, calling them "socks".

Now the teams will be heading over the mountains to Paxson. The trail will take them up, winding through the trees, across a few rivers and streams, to the top of the world along the Alaska Pipeline and finally down into Paxson. It is typical to have a bit of open water and overflow on this difficult section of trail.

Wendy hopes to get some good pictures up soon.


NCL said...

Looking forward to updates. It's appreciated!

Deb said...

Thanks Kaz, We will be watching here. Good racing to all. Deb in Ketchikan.

Lisa B said...

Wishing lots of luck to the SP Kennel teams and for Allen to bring home another win! Hope all the mushers and dogs have a great race. Thanks for keeping the fans updated.