Monday, December 19, 2011

Teams Heading Home

This is Aliy's Mom, Mickey, checking in from South Florida.

I received a phone call from Aliy today at about 10 AM Alaska Standard Time. She and the SP crew were driving north towards Two Rivers. They had spent the night at the Sheep Mountain Lodge after the Sheep Mountain 150 Race and post race festivities. She reported that all humans and dogs are healthy and eager to get home.

Most of you have checked the final Sheep Mountain 150 standings and know that Aliy finished second with all 12 dogs. Ryne finished 11th with 11 dogs. They will update you on the last half of the race when they get home and get the dogs and equipment unloaded.

There is an article in yesterday's Anchorage Daily News about the race finish. You can access it at


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Mickey. I've been anxious to hear the details for the SPK team experience.

NCL said...

Thanks for the update. Will be looking forward to "the rest of the story"!