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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hill Training

In preparation for our first race, the Sheep Mountain 150, we've been training in the hills around the kennel to get the dogs fit for climbing. Lucky for us, the steep hills get the mushers in shape too!

I apologize for the darkness of the video, but with the winter solstice fast approaching, we're getting used to mushing in the dark!

Rising and setting times for the Sun

Length of daySolar noon
DateSunriseSunsetThis dayDifferenceTimeAltitudeDistance
(106 km)
Dec 10, 201110:43 AM2:45 PM4h 02m 04s− 3m 35s12:44 PM2.5°147.315
Dec 11, 201110:45 AM2:43 PM3h 58m 43s− 3m 20s12:44 PM2.4°147.298
Dec 12, 201110:47 AM2:42 PM3h 55m 38s− 3m 05s12:45 PM2.3°147.281
Dec 13, 201110:49 AM2:41 PM3h 52m 50s− 2m 47s12:45 PM2.3°147.266
Dec 14, 201110:50 AM2:41 PM3h 50m 19s− 2m 31s12:46 PM2.2°147.251
Dec 15, 201110:52 AM2:40 PM3h 48m 05s− 2m 13s12:46 PM2.2°147.237
Dec 16, 201110:53 AM2:40 PM3h 46m 10s− 1m 55s12:47 PM2.1°147.224


Jeff Buddington said...

Ryne's wheel dog, left side. Who is that?

AussieAlaskan said...

Sure enjoyed watching the dogs "fly" around the bend - thanks for posting :-)

Ryne said...

That's Tug!

babs said...

Hey Rye! I'm showing this to my class & I'm bettig they're going to ask who's on your team. Will you make me look smart & tell me who you've got there??!! ~B

Ryne said...

In lead are Boondocks and Willie
In swing are Olivia and Scruggs
Beemer and Puppet
Scooter and Fang
And in wheel are Skittles and Tug

I hope they enjoy the video!

Macgellan said...

Skittles a wheelie?!?!?!? Who'd a thunk it!
Great video!!! Another new camera at SPKennel I suspect...
I can't even remember all the video devices and combinations I tried in years past...
Whatever you've got now seems pretty good... Keep 'em rolling!!!
One thought/idea... Camera mounted on the sled front shooting back at you... I think viewers would enjoy seeing your moves! I know I would!!!

Anonymous said...

Boondocks in lead! You go girl! Show everyone what a little girl can do. We are so proud of you.The whole team looks great. Thanks for the video Ryne!
YoLynn and Kotzee

NCL said...

Great idea about the camera mount on the sled. All these videos are awesome!