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Thursday, December 29, 2011

And Mystery Dog Number 5?

Sponsored by Alice Van Dorn

Congratulations to RJL for being the first correct guess! Send us an email at SPKDogLog@gmail.com with your t-shirt size, color preference (Red or Black), and address, and you'll be sporting SPK gear in no time!

A bit about Dingle:
When Dingle was only two, Allen decided he was the one to lead the team to Nome. Ever since then, Dingle has been a main 1000-mile lead dog (I say 1000-mile because he is not known for his speed). Last year, Dingle led the Black Team through all the hazards of the Yukon Quest and into the Iditarod. Not only does Dingle have ChaCha's leading capabilities, but his siblings Pud and Kipper are leaders as well.

Check back in on Monday, January 9th for the next Mystery Dog!


Macgellan said...

I'm thinking that folks might want to know about Dingle's name!...
You mentioned that Bridgett wanted to name him "Silver" but wasn't it Scotty who eventually named him?
It's such a good story, you simply must share it! ;-)
If you do, I'll share the story of my "special" relationship with the lad, too!

Aliy Zirkle said...

Ok, Macgellan, I'll share if you do.

Bridgett thought that the gorgeous silver-grey puppy with a long wavy coat was was the prettiest dog she had seen in a long time. She named him "Silver" when he was only days old. The name never really stuck. When he was only 4 weeks old he was playing in the puppy pen with his siblings. Scotty was feeding pups and the whole pack came trotting over to him. "Silver" had such a pretty long grey coat, but what caught his eye was the "dingleberry" hanging from this long pretty coat on his rear end. From then on it was a war between spouses .... and between names "Silver" versus "Dingle". Well, we know who won out!