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Monday, November 28, 2011

Guess that SPK Dog Week 3!

Since each dog at the kennel has their own personality and history, we thought it'd be fun to see how well the SPK followers know the athletes. Every other Monday, we'll post "Guess that SPK Dog" at 1:00 PM EST, and the first correct answer posted in the website comment box wins a SP Kennel t-shirt! Limited one shirt per person.

Game #3 Dog Clues

1. Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee

2. Iditarod Finisher

3. The Soprano half of "Doggie Duets"

Who am I?


Lynne d said...

Let's see, the doggie duet was Moonpie and Manny. Can't imagine many being soprano so my guess is Moonpie.

Lynn said...

Moonpie Moonpie Moonpie!

Jeff Buddington said...


skyfire said...



weedabble said...

must be Manhattan...."Mannie"

Anonymous said...

Sophie's Dad

Sue B said...

Is it Moonpie?

Mom in PA said...

The Tennessee factor makes me think it may be one of the new ones that was not bred at the kennel... So I am going with Elsa who did run the Iditarod.

KB said...


Melissa K. said...

Ahh, this was very sneaky. I knew Moonpie was the soprano from the doggie duets but I also knew he was born at the kennel. so I was confused - until I looked up the origin of moonpie cakes and found it was Chattanooga (thanks Wikipedia). Tricky.

(I also did not know that Moonpie finished Iditarod!)

Linda Toth said...

If you go through all the parentage of the team, virtually all of them are born right at the Kennel. So, I thought is Chattanooga, TN a hint to the name or was the dog actually born there. Clues were maddening:

Is Chattanooga a reference to birthplace for the dog or to its namesake?
Did Soprano mean female or simply high pitched?

AJ & Betty are parents to Stormy and JJ. Could Betty be from Chattanooga? I wracked my brain for memories of those two at the kennel. Was Stormy vocal? Who was Betty?

There is AJ and Ash who were parents to Rose, Meg, and Spicy. See that's the problem, I don't know all the generations. Was Ash from Tennessee?

Then I thought of the Country Music litter - most of whom were born in Texas. Ah, but Lester Flatt was born in Overton County, TN. Earl Scruggs, the other member of The Foggy Mountain Boys was born just over the hill, but far enough east to be from North Carolina.

Guess I'll go with Lester, but I tell you what ... it's a long shot.