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Friday, September 16, 2011

Website Update: "The Dogs"

Macgellan has updated the SP Kennel Dog Log to reflect the 2011-2012 active SP Kennel Racing dogs. If you haven't noticed the change then check out this link on the right side bar.

The 48 Racing Dogs are listed in alphabetical order. You will find many familiar faces and a few new comers. We hope to continue to bring out the characters and personalities of these special dogs during the upcoming dog mushing season.

Some of you die hard SP Kennel Fans, will notice some dogs have retired from last year. Here is a quick list of the retirees:
Congrats on retirement to:
Oddball, Teddy and ChaCha are living at SP Kennel.
Raffie is a pet at a friend's house.
Besty, Huey, Snickers joined a recreational mushing team in Two Rivers, Alaska.
Dolly is with a recreational musher in Two Rivers, Alaska.
KitKat and Hunter joined recreational mushing teams in Massachusetts.
Homebrew and Spot are indoor/outdoor sled dogs in Oregon.

ChaCha enjoys the Bamboo floor.


Melissa Krahmer said...

I will miss Teddy but am glad she is living at the kennel. It's also nice to see that Bullet and Tony will still be running.

Where did you get all the new two-year-olds? Did those litters all come from the same kennel?

Aliy said...

We will introduce the dogs more later. But, we got the 5 youngsters from Paul Gebhardt in Kasilof, Alaska early this Spring. After his trouble laden Iditarod, he decided to part with a few of his young dogs and concentrate on his older squad. We were in the right place at the right time and brought Moxie & Sophie (siblings), Elsa & Looker (siblings) and Fang back to SP Kennel in April. They have great happy energy and have completely adjusted to our style. Most of them can even find their own house after a training run!

Linda Toth said...

Yay Macgellan. I love seeing the dogs that we loved watching as pups appear on the pages and hear of the present homes of former team members.

Looking forward to snow!

Randy C. said...

That sure is one cute dog!

Jeff Buddington said...

Whoa! Where in Mass are KitKat and Hunter? I'm next door in Connecticut!

Aliy said...

Jeff, Hunter's new home is in West Chestfield and KitKat's is in Westfield. Close to you????

Jeff Buddington said...

Not bad! KitKat is in the Springfield, Mass area, over an hour away. Hunter is a little farther north!

Anonymous said...

Cha Cha may not be leading the way anymore in the Iditarod for SP Kennel, but she will always be my favorite! So glad she appears to be enjoying her retirement - and best of luck! Woof!!! Nice rug!