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Monday, August 22, 2011

Here they are!!

Quito with 4 day old puppies

We are pleased to announce that the SP Kennel Summer 2011 puppies have arrived! Even though they arrived a few days before their due date, all five are healthy. Four boys and a girl were born August 17th to first-time mother, Quito, and proud father, Biscuit.

Enjoy - the "Pup"dates.


Macgellan said...

Congrats to Quito and Biscuit!

Perhaps the boys will be: Cracker, Wafer, Hardtack and Matzoh... The girl, Cookie, of course!

Anonymous said...

Yea, PUPPIES! Does coming early mean that they are raring to start their racing careers?
Good job Quito and Biscuit- beautiful pups!

Mel Bowman said...

Great names, and sweet puppy faces :-).

Pia Eaves said...

aaawww and concrats to the newest additions. I like Macgallans choice of names a lot!

Macgellan said...

Re. the name thing: I actually wanted to suggest "Hispanic bread" names -- i.e eponymic respect for Biscuit and Quito -- but could only come up with Tortilla and Chapati... Perhaps somebody else knows more names like these?

Linda Toth said...

The puppies are beautiful! I think Quito whelped early so she would be in top form for racing season ...

Acknowledging that the naming choices are the prerogative of SP, I always enjoy puzzles, so to answer Mac. Chapati is from India. The tortilla is the Americas version of chapati.

cookie - galleta
wafer - oblea
bread - pan
matzoh - matzoh
muffin - muffin
croissant - creciente (although more likely just croissant)

galleta is also cracker and biscuit (and hardtack)

Lisa B said...

Such cuties - and 4 of them boys. I was reading kennel news from your neighbors (Team Tsuga) and it sounds like boy pups are outnumbering girl pups all over Two Rivers - must be something in the water.

Thanks for introducing us to the future SPK super stars. Looking forward to cheering them on in Iditarod or Quest 2014!

Lynne said...

sopapilla, gordita, gamela, biscochito . . . from NM always helps - they are adorable as usual. Congrats.

Pia Eaves said...

Macgallen, can't help you out with the spanish bread, but I know my German Bread like Schwarzbrot, Weissbrot, Bauernbrot, Kummelbrot, Mischbrot, Salzstangen and Broetchen. And that concludes your German lesson for today.

Anonymous said...

Love the puppies! Julie and pals