Spring Sledding

Just because the racing season is over, doesn't mean that we're hanging up the sleds. As long as there is snow on the ground, SP Kennel dogs are out playing in it. So with hardly a day of rest, Aliy and Allen have left for the Denali Highway to prepare for this year's week-long adventure trips. Tom and Jeanne are arriving today and will meet Allen and Aliy tomorrow afternoon for a week of mushing through Denali National Park!

With the warm weather and bluebird skies, the whole crew is in for a treat. We'll be sure to post updates, pictures, and videos of their adventure trip!

While Aliy, Allen, and Kaz are busy with the Adventure Trips, I'll be preparing a group of dogs for Dr. Mike Davis' upcoming treadmill study. In preparation for the tests, at least five dogs who are comfortable on the treadmill need to run 400 race-like miles. Beginning next Thursday, I'll take a team of twelve dogs on a 400-mile training run along the Denali Highway with stops at Alpine Creek Lodge, Maclaren Lodge, and Paxson Lodge. Should be fun!