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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Report from the Trail - Takotna

I just received this from Mickey. I know it is a bit late, but here it is.

I'm here. Aliy and Allen are asleep in the bunkhouse. Both teams are stretched out in the sun on beds of straw. Mushers, volunteers and fans gather at the checkpoint to eat and chat.

I just had a conversation with musher Justin Savidis. He told the group surrounding him at our table about the experience of hallucinations on the trail. As he tried to stay alert on the trail his dogs transformed into different colors and shapes. Then he saw buildings and trucks along the trail. A true 1960's experience. He knew that wasn't real but had tough time shaking the visions. At this point Justin has had about 3 hours sleep during the race. We just watched him stumble into the bunkhouse. Sleep well.


Lisa B said...

As always, the Dog Log is giving us real gems of information about life on the trail during a sled dog race - thanks for all the updates. It sounds like Mickey is having a wonderful time visiting checkpoints along the trail. Is Doug out there somewhere too? I've read about how in the past he's hung around places and been put to work as a volunteer...

Cheering for the teams! Go Dogs! Go Aliy & Allen!

Finally had a chance to listen to the Iditarod Insider Restart Video - so it sounds like next year we're all going to be cheering for Aliy & Bridgett. Fantastic! Is she the one doing the Taiga at the end of the month to finish up her qualifiers?

Thanks again for the great posts, the reports from trail traveling family members, sharing photos taken by friends of the kennel - just thanks everything really - loving all of it.

Aliy said...

Doug is not out there yet. He will be on the coast later this week. It was Mickey's year!!

Bridgett is already qualified. She has run the Copper Basin 300 two years in a row as well as several other races.