Report from the Trail - McGrath

This is Mickey, Aliy's Mom, reporting from McGrath Alaska. I had the opportunity to see Aliy come through this checkpoint at 10:48 pm last night. I walked to the checkpoint from the apartment where I am staying with Mike Litzen ( our friend and bush pilot) and his family. The air was cold and clear....stars and moon almost touchable.

Aliy appeared off the river first as a bobbing headlamp. The light slowly turned into a peppy dog team pulling a sled. The dogs obviously loved the colder temps.

Aliy simply stopped to check in, say hello to the Cox men who run the checkpoint, give me a kiss and hug, and head back onto the trail. She sported a big smile and was focused on getting to Takotna, about 20 miles down the trail.

I didn't see Allen come through McGrath but I am on my way to Takotna now. There I plan to catch up with both our mushers, doing their 24s.

Stay tuned.