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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Race Is Getting Serious!

Aliy is on the trail about 24 miles from Elim and about to cross the frozen ocean. She is rocking and rolling with 11 dogs. It will be telling where she is when she arrives at White Mountain.

Allen is in Shaktoolik. He got there at 6 pm AST. As we heard from Bridgett and Ryne, he is seriously racing now too.

The front runners have arrived in White Mountain. John Baker arrived a little under an hour before Ramey Smyth. The Smyth brothers are known for their speed from Safety to Nome. They have the fastest times ever! An hour is not as large of a lead as I would like if I were Baker!

It is a given now that the Iditarod will have a new champion this year. The top 15 mushers have never won, although several have taken the 2nd position. It should be an interesting next 20 or so hours.


Lisa said...

Top 15 are all haven't-won-yet? Wow.

Thanks for the ongoing coverage AND the inside perspective!

Linda T said...

Pins and Needles: Will she stay in Elim or go on?

Deb said...

In addition, if John Baker is the winner, he will be the first northwest Native musher to ever win so the excitement here in Nome is overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Cheers resound as Aliy moves on by out here, Go Aliy!!!
Loud howls from Frita, Martin and Skinny!

babs said...

Tuesday will be a long day- a real nail-biter! Hope I got enough sleep last night ;)

Chris K said...

Aliy you are tougher than I could ever be!!! ChrisK.

The Red Lantern said...

Aliy Zirkle you doing great! Keep up the good work. You and Allen are really speeding along. Good Luck!

The Red Lantern
Brooksville To Alaska

Mike Frerichs said...

Just saw Aliy's arrival in White Mountain. She had one of the fastest times enroute in this year's Iditarod. She flew into that checkpoint. Her team looks very strong. With 8 hours rest, she should finish very well.