Friday, March 11, 2011

A New Day on the Trail

Aliy rested between Iditarod and Shageluk last night and is now on the move again. She dropped another dog when she went through Iditarod last night. Aliy is running with 11 dogs now.

Allen is having an excellent run. He left Iditarod this morning at 6:49 am with all 13 dogs.

The kennel is full of action right now. Doug and Mickey helped move around 52 dogs in Anchorage last night. A large group came back from McGrath and needed to be moved to the Millenium so the vet staff could examine them. Rose and Tug arrived back in Anchorage with this group.

Rose & Doug in Anchorage

Ryne and the dogs at the kennel are getting ready for the Chatinika 100. The race begins this after noon and run right down the trail next to the kennel. Fun!! She should finish about 4 am.


BJ said...

Good luck Ryne! Be safe and have fun! Can't wait to hear how it goes! Rose looks like she is in good hands:)

Linda T said...

I hope to have a chance to see you somewhere along the trail, Ryne. Good luck.

Lisa B said...

Go Ryne! Hope you have a great run.

Awesome folks you've got - pitching in to help out all over the place. I'm happy that Mickey reported having such a great time visiting the rural checkpoints - sounded like a lot of fun.

babs said...

Go Ryne! Fast trails & waggin' tails!