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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Interview with Aliy (aka Alex Morris)

Each year, students from around the United States study the Iditarod and follow Aliy and Allen's teams from Anchorage to Nome. We love all their interest and support and got a real kick out of Grace Morris' mock interview!

Producer..........Grace Morris
Aliy Zirkle.......Alex Morris
Quito.............Hank the cowdog


Scotty Watkins said...

This is way to cool. I can say that there was some studying going on for these two youngsters. Nice Job you two. It is great to see that teachers are allowing students to follow and study the race. If we do not get the younger generations involved with the race we could see a drop in upcoming years. It is nice to see that people are passing on the tradition.

Lisa B said...

What a gem of a little video - kudos to Grace and Alex. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Linda T said...


And "Quito" gave me a good early morning laugh!

Good job, ladies and we hope to see you up here for the race, maybe with your own team.

Lisa said...

Well done!

Jerseykat said...

That was great! Big hand to Grace, Alex and "Quito" for an amazing performance.

Kelly said...

Very cute! They have it down pat!

Libby the Lab said...

How fun! I think Alex has been studying videos of Aliy you sound and act like her!!

Anonymous said...

As a teacher and home-schooling parent, I can really appreciate how much research and effort went into this! It's entertaining and informative. Well done.