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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here they come!

It looks like John Baker is going to do it!! He is well ahead of Ramey and fast approaching Nome. He will be the first Native Alaskan to win the Iditarod since the mid '70s. There will be a HUGE crowed to meet him at the finish line.

Aliy is in White Mountain doing her mandatory 8 hour rest. She had one of the fastest times into White Mountain and reports are that she and the team looked GREAT! She will be able to leave at 3:40 pm AST for the last leg into Nome. (Through Safety)

Allen is at Koyuk. He arrived at 7:07 am AST. After switching to the smaller sled, he has picked up speed on the coast.

Doug, Bridgett and Ryne are out in White Mountain to see Aliy. We will see if they will be able to see Allen before heading back to Nome.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Aliy already do her 8hr rest?

Linda T said...

Aliy posted the fastest time to WM from Elim in the top 15. The team is obviously still very peppy to blast through like that with just 2 hours rest.

Anonymous said...

We were hoping that John Baker would keep going fast and win. Ms Zirkle is doing extremely well to be in the Top 20 in such a very fast race. I hope Quito, Olivia and Boondocks are still working very hard. The photo of Scruggs in the ADN is very cute. Hopefully, he'll grow out of that bad habit. It must be thrilling to be in White Mountain, so close to the end. Is Ms Zirkle's Mum going to be in Nome too? I have to go to school now. Good luck for the rest of the race. Ms Zirkle might even be in Nome by the time I have finished my schoolwork!
From Indigo

Linda T said...

Anonymous - an 8 hour mandatory rest is required at one of the checkpoints on the Yukon River (or its tributary in Shageluk) and then all mushers stop for 8 hours in White Mountain.

Favorite Aunt Patty said...

@ anonymous: Besides the 8 and 24 hour lay overs, they get to choose, all mushers must take 8 hours at White Mountain before they can continue the race to Safety and Nome. So, yes, she took her 8 hours and then has to also take this one as well.

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