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Monday, March 14, 2011

Allen in Unalakleet

Dad is in, happy, smiling and making us all laugh with his stories! He just snacked his dogs, got them in straw and resting. He ate a large plate of eggs and pancakes-yumm! Now he is down for his rest. More to come......


Lisa B said...

Yes, but did he eat 8 of those eggs like he bragged about doing at one of the YQ checkpoints?

Dogs look happy and peppy coming into UNK - must so hard on Bridgett, Ryne and Scotty not to be able to give them pets and belly rubs.

To the reporting threesome - thanks so much for such great videos of Aliy and Allen from remote locations out on the trail. You guys are terrific. Kaz thanks for making sure it gets onto the Dog Log so fast. I appreciate all that each of you are doing during the race for us fans.

Go Teams & Dogs!

Mush-Mush said...

Hi Aliy and Allen! I am one of the kids from the Brooksville to Alaska group. I had a lot of fun staying in the same hotel as you and getting to meet you both! I wish you both luck in the rest of the race. Please don't ever forget about us, we are some of your biggest fans and we wish you luck in the future Iditarod races. p.s. it was quite an interesting way of meeting Allen when my friend and I first saw you in the hot tub!

- Mush-Mush