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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Aliy and Allen Resting Well in Takotna

Both Aliy and Allen are resting in Takotna with their teams for their 24 hour mandatory rest. Mickey was out and visited with them for several hours this afternoon. Both were in very good spirits and getting well needed rest.

Aliy was very focused but happy with her run so far. Our guesses were wrong. She had dropped Snickers for a swollen foot in Nikolai. She is planning to drop Rose in Takotna for a wrist before she leaves tonight and Tug is still a question mark. If she leaves with 12 dogs, then she dropped them both. We have an interview with her that will be up shortly.

Allen is well. His finger is feeling good. He is eating Takotna out of food and is very tired, but happy and chatting with everyone in the check point. He is very pleased with his team and is planning to leave with all dogs.

Photo by Cheri Cubbison

Photo by Cheri Cubbison

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