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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yukon Quest Vet Checks

Every Black Team member was examined by the Yukon Quest Veterinarians today. We are happy to report that everyone passed with flying colors!

The Veterinarian listens to Malibu's heart beat as Ray looks on.

First of all, each dog is identified with a small unique microchip placed in the scruff of their neck. All of our dogs, except one, Boondocks, already had a chip.

The volunteer checks Chica's unique micro chip number from the electronic reader as Allen holds her.

Each dog then visits with the Veterinarians. A simple external body exam: body, feet, eyes, nose and mouth. Then their hearts are monitored. They are looking for irregularities, fast rates or murmurs. Their temperatures are also recorded as well as body weights.


jimsinn said...

LOVE your Dog Log blog! Every day something new. THANKS to all you great people and dogs in Two Rivers. Cheering you on here in Sebago, Maine.

Linda T said...

Starting positions for YQ300 have been posted on the yukon quest web site:


Linda T said...

So, we have a few names for the Black Team: Malibu, Chica, Nutmeg, Beemer, and Boondocks. That leaves 9, so on a wild guess I'd say Quito, Nacho, Tatfish, Dingle, and Rose.

That's 10


Okay, on a wild, wild guess

.... Butterscotch, Scout, uhmmm, Viper, Kitkat.

Man, that's tough; too many really good dogs.


Jeff Buddington said...

"Thanks a lot Linda!"