Update from the Trail

Gerry Willomitzer wins the Yukon Quest 300!! He had a very nice run and finished at 9:23 pm PST with 10 dogs. He will be a force on the Iditarod this year.

YQ300 mushers finish in Pelly Crossing
Gerry Wins the 2011 Yukon Quest 300

By the Yukon Quest
From Official Yukon Quest Flickr Page

Aliy is out on the final leg of the Quest 300. We are estimating it will take her around 8 hours to make the 64 mile loop. We still haven't heard the details of the tangle out of McCabe Creek, but now I found out she broke her sled running into Carmacks. Sounds like she is having an eventful run! The handlers are reporting that she is in a very good mood though, almost taking a "now what" attitude for the race. She should be finishing between 4 and 5 am PST. Hopefully she will catch Beck!

As they tend to lose Ryne, I'm not sure if she is already in Pelly. She should be there anytime now if she is not. I don't know which dog she had to drop at Carmacks. Will get you that info as soon as I can. Doug said that during her stay at McCabe Creek, she told him she was having the time of her life. Northern Lights. Awesome views of the mountains and the rivers. She had a tired grin plastered on her face. Can't beat that.

Allen is running in the middle of the front pack in the Quest. We won't really hear too much about him for a while. Thank goodness they fixed his Spot! Scroggie Creek is his next check in point. It is a Dog Drop and usually reports some of the coldest temperatures on the trail. The nighttime temperatures have been hitting 30 below in the low lands and now they are climbing into the hills.

I linked to a nice video that shows him and the Black Team on the Yukon River near Carmacks. Looking good.