Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SP Kennel In Dawson City

This is an interview with Aliy and a collection of photos of the kennel crew (Aliy, Allen, Ryne, Ray, Doug and Dave) working with the SP dogs at the SP dog camp in Dawson.


Lisa B said...

This is great - thanks so much for putting it together and posting it. Looking forward to following the second half of Allen's YQ 1000. I appreciate all the time being taken to keep the Dog Log current.

Safe travels for the crew who will be getting on the road after Allen leaves Dawson to do the drive back to Whitehorse and then home to Two Rivers,

How Aliy will possibly be able to concentrate on prepping Iditarod Drop bags while Allen is still on the trail is beyond me. Following the movement of the SPOT tracker is downright addicting.

Linda T said...

Kaz, you are doing a great job on the updates. The information on the trail checkpoints and the Gold Rush has been fun.

Thank the team for the photos. It's always satisfying to see the dogs resting and happy. Ryne's expression was amazingly alert for having just run a 300 mile race followed by immediate duty as 24 hour doggy hotel staff. She and Aliy have amazing stamina.

Aliy said...
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SP Kennel said...

I agree! They are tough as nails, but also wonderful women!

Jennifer said...

WOW!!! what an awesome jobs the handlers did at Dawson checkpoint to make luxury accomidations for the dogs! Thats so cool!!:)