Sunday, February 13, 2011

Report from Circle

Just talked to Bridgett. It has been VERY rough going, but Allen and the dogs are safely in Circle. They ate and all are now sleeping. Biscuit and Boonedocks are his super stars.

Biscuit got them over American Summit. Allen had to use 2 snow hooks to climb over the summit, using one to claw his way up the mountain and using the other to hold the team on the trail. The wind was trying to blow them off. The snow had blown in. He and the dogs were swimming in 5 ft snow drifts. Allen says he was moving by inches and it continued like that for hours.

Last night was bitterly cold on the Yukon, close to 60 below. He and the dogs all need to rest and warm up. He did say that remarkably he was rather warm out there.

More from the trail when we get it.


Hoss and Tom said...

What a testament to Allen and his team. True athletes!

Linda T said...

Wow - first the surprise of Biscuit and now Boondocks - that little, sleeve-grabbing imp.

Moose-Tipping said...

So glad he is OK out there. This has been a rough year for weather on the Quest. Following along and hoping for the best for Allen and the dogs-- be safe!

Anonymous said...

Time to get some well deserved rest for the Black Team.
Given everything I've read, this year, weather has caused several teams issues. It is good to know the team is safe and sound in Circle.
I've been glued to your SPOT tracker (when it is working LOL).