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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Report from the Braeburn Check Point

I just got a call from Ray on the trail. He is currently in Carmacks waiting for Allen to arrive. Allen had an excellent run to Braeburn. The temperature had dropped during the night to -24 F and the trail had frozen up nicely. Very little open water and very fast. He did his mandatory rest and left in very good spirits on his way to Carmacks.

Aliy arrived in Braeburn at 6:40. She was happy with the run in and was taking a short nap when Ray left for Carmacks. There is a 2 hour mandatory rest there for the Quest 300. I believe she will take a longer rest there to prepare for the next leg of the 300.

As of this Update, Ryne had not reached Braeburn yet, but information is slow trickling in and out of the check point. She may already be there and eating a good breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to kick Allen's SPOT Tracker! LOL
It's not fair that he is 'parked' in the same place on the trail for over 5 hours. I'm sure he's moving, the tracker is just not updating. Bummer :>(

Anonymous said...

YEH! Ryne is in and Aliy is out.
Aliy dropped a dog in Braeburn. Do you have and feedback from the handlers which one?