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Friday, February 4, 2011

Quest 300 Red & Black Team Roster


Linda T said...

R & B ... Amazing - Sissy and Scooter are running a 300 mile race (along with Mom). That is just incredible and wonderful. Enjoy the run, Ryne

Red ... Hot DOG, Cutter and Hunter too!!

Black ... How could I have forgotten that powerhouse, darlin', Olivia?

Best wishes and good running to all of you and despite Allen drawing at the back of the pack (again), he wont' be there for long with that team - WOW!

Lynne D said...

Ryne - you have a great crew - best wishes on your first distance race with the group.

Lisa B said...

Wow Ryne is taking Sissy and Scooter! Do they beat the ages of any of Kids-n-Kooks team that Allen took out on Iditarod in 2009? Cutie Newt too, who we haven't seen much of this year - perhaps he's filling in the slot of kook? But she's got the always solid Bullet, ChaCha and Teddy to teach the youngsters well. Looks like a line-up that will be lots of fun. Good Luck Ryne, enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms Olson. I am a fan of SP Kennel. I predicted 5 dogs correctly from your team. It was tricky picking Sissy, Scooter and Pepper! This was because I didn't know that Pepper was a racing dog, and I didn't think that yearlings would be talented enough for a race like this. I hope Pepper doesn't do too much snow-rolling along the way. Good luck for this race. You did so well in the Burger Race. I'll be following your progress along the trail.
From Indigo.

ChaCha's fan said...

interesting selection in all 3 teams. ryne, this is a good mixture: old experienced guys like bullet & chacha & then the "babies".
all the best to the three teams & the mushers!

Alyi: YQ says that one of your dogs got room service? who is the lucky guy?
Best to you all!

Anonymous said...

Have the time of your life living your dream. Thank you for taking the time to post on the website in the midst of all your preparation. You go girl!
Karen B

Anonymous said...

Ryne and the Red and Black Team,

May the trail be a fun and edcational experience for all.
Have a great race and enjoy the ride.

Lisa said...

Kids, old ladies, and Moonpie? That lucky dog!

Best wishes for a great race.