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Friday, February 11, 2011

At Eagle, Alaska

Allen arrived at Eagle at 3:02pm. Unfortunately, his Spot had been off for over 3 hours. What did we ever do without technology! We think that he rested a second time for about 2 hours.

Aliy, Ryne, Ray and Dave arrived back home at about 4pm. They are all exhausted and glad to be home. Aliy said she would eat something, take a two hour nap and then get started on food drops. No rest!!

Bridgett and Bob will head out when Allen leaves Eagle. It should only take 4 hours to drive to Circle, the next accessible check point. Temperatures in the Interior are dropping and should reach -30 to -40 as the mushers arrive. Nothing like starting the race at 40 above and ending the race at 40 below. Typical Quest.


lynned said...

So glad to hear he arrived with so many turning back. Thrilled that Bridgett gets to meet him in Circle. No rest for the weary.

BJ said...

You have no idea how happy I am to go and see him!!!!