Allen Out of Dawson

Allen is out of Dawson City with 13 dogs. He left Scout with the handlers with a slight shoulder injury that happened just outside of Dawson. Scout was the dog Allen had been carrying when he arrived in Dawson.

The dogs were READY to go this morning. They were cruising down the Yukon River with Biscuit in lead. Yes, you heard me right. BISCUIT!! He has been in lead for the last 100 miles. He has never, NEVER, run in lead before. Allen says that he reminds him of Aliy's main leader from her Championship run, Pedro. That's a serious compliment!

The handlers are cleaning up the dog camp and will be heading back towards Whitehorse shortly. Aliy was over helping our friend Tamara Rose when I talked to them. Everyone was very jazzed about Allen's excellent run and smooth departure!

Allen is now on the trail that will lead him over two more summits, American and Eagle, and lots of river trail, mostly Yukon. He is heading towards the old prospector town of Forty-Mile and on to Eagle, Alaska, the 1st check point on the Alaskan side.

"Forty Mile is best-known as the oldest town in Canada’s Yukon. It was established in 1886 at the confluence of the Yukon River and Fortymile River by prospectors and fortune hunters in search of gold. Largely abandoned during the nearby Klondike Gold Rush, the town site continued to be used by Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in. It is currently a historic site that’s co-owned and co-managed by Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in and the Government of Yukon." - Wikapeedia