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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Allen Into Dawson

Allen is in Dawson!  He came in with all 14 dogs pulling strong.  Way to go Black Team. 

After coming in on the bank of the Yukon near downtown Dawson, Allen and the handlers lead the dogs across the river to a campground.  Dave, Ray & Aliy have spent the evening building a comfortable camp for the dogs.

Get some sleep Allen. Get some sleep dogs. 550 miles to go!


Edwin said...

WOAW, what a run, unter 14 hours from Scroggie Creek to Dawson with all 14 dogs going strong.
Allen I now you wanted to go for a top 10 positing, but this most even go better than you hoped for?
Get a good night sleep and upload your battery for the next 550 miles.

Jeff Buddington said...

ALLEN: third fastest time behind Neff and Gatt into Dawson from Scroggie out of the current top 8...all 14 dogs!, Neff and Gatt with 13, Anderson and Schnuelle 12, Sass 11. And then cross the border into Alaska and you are in YOUR HOUSE!!! This is setting up nicely ;).

Mike Frerichs said...

We have been following everyone closely. So happy that Allen still has all his dogs and is doing so well.

Jennifer said...

P.S....I love the above comments:)!!

Lisa B said...

I loved the video of Allen coming into Dawson - and Aliy sure did seem awake with her 2 cups of coffee!

Who was Allen carrying in the basket? Hope Allen didn't have to haul a dog as long as Ken said he had to in his finishing video.

But the dogs and Allen looked fantastic and Allen seems to be in a fabulous mood.

Great Job! Very well positioned for the second half of the race. Go car litter! Go Allen!