Allen Blows through Carmacks

Right on target, Allen stopped in Carmacks only long enough to pick up supplies and get his Spot reset. We should be able to follow him again on the Live Tracking. Doug, Ray and Dave said he was like a freight train going through. The dogs looked fabulous. Per his plan, Allen stopped to rest between Braeburn and Carmacks.

Allen is now heading towards McCabe Creek and then on the Pelly Crossing. We may not get updates from McCabe. There is no plowed road into the dog drop this year and it is over a mile hike. I guess we will see how ambitious our handlers are!

Ryne left Braeburn with 11 dogs. She and the dogs just cruised out of the check point. They didn't even need help crossing the road. She is on her was to Carmacks with a very strong team.

The 1st Quest 300 mushers are arriving in Carmacks. Aliy is still on the trail. No word on her at this time.