Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Allen Arrives at the Two Rivers Check Point

Allen pulled into the Two Rivers Check Point at 9:35 pm AST with 10 dogs. I haven't heard from the SP Crew out there yet, but there was quite a reception for Allen when he arrived. Bob and Bridgett made it around from 101 in time to see Dallas Seavey and Sebastian Schnuelle come past Pleasant Valley Store in Two Rivers between 5:30 and 6pm. By 7:30, Aliy, Ryne, Bridgett and Bob all headed towards the Check Point from the kennel. Jennifer (Allen's oldest daughter), her husband Kevin and their 2 year old Jake headed out there from Fairbanks.

Although I don't know for sure, it appeared that Allen's run from 101 was smooth and he made good time. Although he had been prepared to camp on the trail, he did the run in one shot. I'm sure that once the dogs began to recognize where they were, they picked up speed and got excited.

There is a 8 hour mandatory rest at Two Rivers. Allen and the Black Team will be able to leave for the finish line at 5:35 am AST. It is a 75 mile run to the finish on the Chena River in Downtown Fairbanks. This is SP Kennel training ground. Allen ran this last run 3 times in the 2 weeks before the Quest. The only really "hard spot" will be when the trail comes less than a mile from the kennel.

Two Rivers, Alaska is the home of SP Kennel and is referred to as the “Mushing Capital of the Interior”. It is an unincorporated area between 13 mile and 25 mile Chena Hot Springs Road outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. Originally called Pleasant Valley, the area attracts people looking for adventure in the outdoors. The trail system in the area can take you all the way to Whitehorse, Canada (as in the Quest) or the other way, all the way to Nome or the western coast. Dog teams are the norm in Two Rivers, both professional and recreational, and dogs out number people 4 to 1.

Although the area was spotted with hunting cabins and homesteaders in the 50‘s and ‘60s, the Two Rivers area really saw growth during the ‘70. It’s current status with mushers stems from when Rick Swenson, 5 time Iditarod Champion, brought his home and kennel to the area. Today, there are about 700 people who make this their home. There is a wonderful store with a post office, school (k-8), Laundromat, fix-it shop, hair salon and two restaurants. It’s a great place to live.


Deb said...

We saw a great picture of Bridgett meeting Allen in Circle by Laurent Dick (found on the YQ Facebook page).
Deb in Ketchikan

Anonymous said...

Great run, Allen and good dogs! every challenge met well!