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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Allen and American Summit

We received an Email from a friend in Eagle who talked to Allen. This is what it said:

Allen "... and several other had a terrible time coming over American Summit. There were high winds and snow and blizzard conditions that knocked out the trail and replaced it with large drifts. Hans Gatt was in a bad way and almost hypothermic from sweating so bad trying to break trail for his team. David Helmer and Mike went out with snow machines to help show the way and had a terrible time getting through with the snow machines. Quite the adventure. But Allen said he is fine."

Currently, Allen is resting at Trout Cabin with several other mushers on his way to Circle.

This is a link to the KUAC morning report from Eagle. If you ever wondered what it is like out there, this is it!

KUAC: Yukon Quest: 2/12/11 (8:30 am) (2011-02-12)


Anonymous said...

I'm very glad Allen and the team made it through the storm ok. It must have been a very rough time for everyone.

Anonymous said...

That KUAC morning report is intense! Glad to hear everyone is ok. Certainly lives up to it's name as the toughest race on earth!

Anonymous said...

The radio coverage was very descriptive, so glad all are well!
Great team work.

Edwin said...

This is an important moment in the race. It seems Gatt losses second place here.
Seavey is right behind Allen and waiting to make his move.

JenSmith said...

WOW!! long distance mushers never cease to amaze me! wow!