Aliy into Pelly Crossing

Aliy just arrived in Pelly in very good spirits. Report on dropped dogs: Bonita at Braeburn, Hunter and Roy at Carmacks and Cutter at McCabe Creek. All but Bonita was for wrist problems. That is equivalent to a twisted or sprained ankle and is nothing major. The trail has been hard and fast, which lends itself to those types of problems. Bonita had an upset stomach and is now eating well.

Ray reports that Aliy is currently putting straw out for the dogs to use as beds and taking off the dog booties. The water for their meal is heating up in her dog food cooker. As she waits for that, she will be putting ointment on their feet and giving massages. Then she can get some food!

Sixty-four miles left for Aliy and the Red Team on the race!

No word yet on Ryne other than she did leave Carmacks at 8:35 am. Allen is still resting at Stepping Stone.