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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aliy Finishes the Yukon Quest 300

Aliy crossed the finish line at 7:03 am PST with all 8 dogs running well. The dogs are all curled up in their mobile dog house, aka the dog truck, for well deserved rest. Last I heard from the crew at Pelly, Aliy was eating a huge breakfast.

SP Kennel Dog Truck

Ryne got into Pelly at 11:16 pm last night and left for her final leg of the Quest 300 at 5:10 am this morning. She dropped one more dog, leaving her with a team of 10 dogs. She should finish 3 pm or so. She must be so excited.

Allen is well on his way to Dawson and his mandatory 36 hour rest. He is currently stopped at Scroggie Creek Dog Drop and has been since about 4 am. This is about 350 miles into the race.

Dave is on his way to Dawson with all the gear to build the camp for the dogs during their rest. We try to make them as comfortable as possible during their stay. All they do is sleep, eat and get massages. Hope to have some pictures of the camp.


Anonymous said...

Aliy finished in 4th place

Edwin said...

Congratulations Aliy with a well deserved fourth ranking!
We can not wait to hear your story.

D said...

The best of luck you guys! wayne Curtis

D said...

The best of luck you guys! wayne Curtis

Pia Eaves said...


Anonymous said...

Good job, Aliy! I always admire your positive outlook when things go a bit astray.

Anonymous said...

Great Aliy, pity no video of Hwy crossing! Sounds like a real hoot out there.