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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Copper Basin Trail Interview with Allen Moore: Part One

In less than one week, three SP Kennel teams will be competing in the Copper Basin 300. This year's race route is slightly different from previous years, beginning at Paxson Lodge and continuing clockwise through Chistochina, Glennallen, Tolsona, Wolverine Lodge, Sourdough, Meier's Lake, and returning to Paxson Lodge. The racers are not required to rest at each checkpoint, but over the course of the race they must accumulate 18 hours of rest, one of which is eight hours long. Due to the flexibility of the rests and the various distances between checkpoints, a lot of strategy goes into where and when to rest.

Paxson to Chistochina- 60 miles
Chistochina to Glennallen- 52 miles
Glennallen to Tolsona- 30 miles
Tolsona to Wolverine- 27 miles
Wolverine to Sourdough- 62 miles
Sourdough to Meiers Lake- 40 miles
Meiers Lake to Paxson Lodge finish- 18 miles

Since Allen knows the trail backwards, forwards, and upside down, I decided to ask him for a general overview of the trail. Rookies--take notes.

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Hoss and Tom said...

Best wishes and a speedy trail in the CB 300. Wish I was there...ha, ha, ha. Hoss