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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Congratulations Scruggs!

Our two-year-old superstar, Scruggs, now has his own two-year-old sponsor! Aidan Bowman has been following Scruggs and the SP dogs on the Dog Log and especially enjoys when the dogs howl. Since the Bowmans are a family of animal lovers, it only makes sense that little Aidan takes a liking to one of the lovable SP dogs. He just has to convince the family cats it’s a good idea!

Thank you Aidan for cheering on Scruggs!

SP Kennel dog sponsorship is one of our most popular programs. Our dog sponsors are a big part of the SP K team. If you'd like more information about the program, check out How to be a Dog Sponsor.


Linda T said...

Okay, I'm Jonesin' for details about the trip to Canada, the vet check and all that good stuff. How's the prep going? Which dogs are going? Who's going to be the support team. When do you leave? Where do you stay in WhiteHorse. Do you have friends there and fans? Will you have time to follow Allen's race while doing the prep for the Iditarod?

Details ... I want details!

; )

Linda T said...


Congratulations Scruggs and Aidan!


Aliy said...


Chomping at the bit?? Aren't we? I know.... I'm getting excited too!

You can actually see the Black Team at the YQ finish line if you are down there tonight around 8 PM. Big Red and I will be picking up the 19 dogs and 2 mushers from their last long training run.

The current details are: We are up to our eye balls with race preparation....

I'll post a YQ schedule this coming week. We actually head to Whitehorse on Tuesday.


Mel Bowman said...

We are proud sponsors. Best of luck to the teams!

Linda T said...

Holiday lights were lit up along the river bank where the Yukon Quest office, and river park sit above the Chena River. Hotel and street decorations sparkled in the warm, clear night air. I'd made one circuit to the places where I thought they might pull the teams off the river, but found no Big Red. I thought I'd missed them when I realized I saw a dog truck in the distance.

Catching up with Aliy, I follwed her into the parking lot by Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. We found the teams on the river, snacking and resting on straw. Allen and Ryne had just started taking off booties. We made our way down to the river bed - Aliy to greet Allen and Ryne and me to dote over the dogs. Each of the them, even the shyest accepted praise and strokes from this admirer. What wonderful, open-hearted beings they are.

This was the first time I'd witnessed all that is involved in getting the dogs out of harnesses, off the gang line, and into the waiting dog kennels on the truck.

While the dogs snacked and rested, Allen and Ryne continued taking off the booties, collecting them in neat piles along the same side of the gang line. Then off came the harnesses and each dog was attached by the line to its neck collar. Harnesses and booties were gathered and then taken to the truck.

Finally one team, soon followed by the other, were led up the hill to the parking lot. Once there, each dog was detached from the line and placed in the truck. Then the equipment was stowed and finally both sleds were hosted on top and tied down.

This was all accomplished with speed and efficiency and another successful training run came to a close. Aliy reminded me that we would soon meet again in that same spot when Allen arrived - I can't wait.