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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Congratulations Ranger!

Congratulations to Ranger!

Ranger is sponsored by the Four Atigun Adventurers- Linda, Betsy, Terry, and Helena. In 2009, they joined us on our Mushing Adventure Trip in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge were they met lots of SP Kennel athletes. They had the real arctic experience, chopping ice from the frozen river (for coffee the next morning) and putting dog blankets on the dogs every evening. By the end of the trip, they had fallen in love with the SP dogs, and asked, “Who should we sponsor as an up-and-coming racer?” Since Ranger had helped collect ice from the water hole earlier and he was one of the young stars, he was the perfect choice. Ranger is now on his second year of sponsorship, and he isn’t letting anyone down! This year will be even better than the last!

Thank you Linda, Betsy, Terry, and Helena!

SP Kennel dog sponsorship is one of our most popular programs. Our dog sponsors are a big part of the SP K team. If you'd like more information about the program, check out
How to be a Dog Sponsor.


Debra Krsnich said...

When we visited this summer (from Wisconsin), the favorite dogs I met were Ranger and ChaCha. Ranger reminded me of my shepherd breed dogs at home. Good for him for being selected to lead the team!

Deb Krsnich

Linda said...

We definitely had the time of our lives in ANWR (North Slope - Sagavanirktok River) with Aliy, Allen and 36 SP Kennel stars! Ranger was a pup and in training to be a lead dog and was the lead dog on my team! What a guy! And what a trip! I'll never know what it is like to run the Iditarod, but I'll be forever grateful for the experience of camping in the extreme wilderness in temperatures ranging from 20 above to 40 below....a trip of a lifetime!

We love supporting Ranger and look forward to his progress!