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Monday, January 3, 2011

Congratulations Lester!

Congratulations to Lester!

This past April, Yo-Lynn Owlsey came on our Mushing Adventure Trip in Nome for her first winter camping experience. It was during this trip that Yo-Lynn fell in love with another camping “first-timer”..... little Lester. Lester had a tough time sleeping without his doghouse, and Yo-Lynn could relate the first few nights in the Arctic Oven Tent. Lester might be overlooked with his slight build and quiet demeanor, but he stood out to Yo-Lynn.

Thank you Yo-Lynn for sponsoring Lester during his 2010-2011 racing season! With his drive and focus even as a two-year-old, we know he’ll go far.

SP Kennel dog sponsorship is one of our most popular programs. Our dog sponsors are a big part of the SP K team. If you'd like more information about the program, check out
How to be a Dog Sponsor.

Look at those blue eyes!!!


Anonymous said...

That's my boy! I know he is gaining experience each and every day! Yo-Lynn

Anonymous said...

Oh My! Lester, what beautiful blue eyes you have! They pull me right in.
The last pic almost says 'What --- you want some of this?'
You look serious enough to be a great lead dog. Small in stature but big in heart and attitude. Gotta love it.

BJ said...

I do believe he has now completed another race:)