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Friday, January 21, 2011

Chena River Run

Before any race we will take the dogs on a training run as long as the longest leg of that race. Aliy went on a fairly long training run on the frozen Chena River prior to the Copper Basin 300 - literally from sunrise to sunset!

This video footage captures the beauty of Alaskan wintertime skies.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this video, Aliy! Reminder of our camping trip, same area? Beautiful! Julie

Aliy said...

I forgot about that camping trips.... wow! That was in about the same area! We scooted around Two Rivers and then jumped down on the Chena River for an overnighter in the Arctic Ovens! Wow - blast from the past. Now, I just have to remember which dogs were with us..... now there's something to test your mind!