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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Burger Run Recap

And the winner of the Loudest Dog Team is.......SP KENNEL!
Yes, the enthusiasm of the yearlings at the start and finish of the Burger Run, combined with Ranger barking the whole way down the trail earned us the Loudest Dog Team (and 2nd place although no one was counting).

Overall, the Burger Run was a success. We got off to a great start with the help of musher turned handler, Aliy. It was a mass start, with the dogs beginning in harness tied to the truck. After the race marshal hollered "Ready, Set, Go!" all the mushers and one helper each ran to their trucks, grabbed their dogs, and hooked them to the gangline, then took off. Lucky for us, Aliy got the team out before we were caught up in the chaos and tangles of the other teams! Once on the trail, the yearlings exceeded all expectations, pulling hard the entire way. Even when passing teams (or being passed) the yearlings were unfazed. The only hiccup was the first pass when Scooter, in all the excitement, backed out of her harness and frolicked around until she realized she didn't recognize the dogs in any of the surrounding teams. ChaCha and Stormy were my superstar leaders, and they couldn't have done a better job. It was a perfect trail (no water), perfect team, and the weather was even warm (-20 instead of -40).

And what better way to celebrate than a delicious hamburger?


Jeff Buddington said...

Thanks for the race report Ryne!


Anonymous said...

Way to go SP Kennel!
What a treat to have Aliy for the handler! LOL
Such a wonderful team to race with. Howling and enjoying the run. How I wish I could have been there!
Congrat's for a great race for SP Kennel.

Macgellan said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the recap... and congratulations to Ryne and the team! Yip Woo!

ChaCha's fan said...

Congratulation, Ryne!
of course. ChaCha & Stormy the great leaders!
& Scooter, what a joker!

NCL said...

Great image of Scooter realizing those other dogs didn't belong to her! Thanks for the details.

Linda T said...

The image of Scooter being a happy pup until the Ah oh moment hit gave me a good chuckle this morning. How did you bring Scooter back into the fold?

Good job and it sounds like you all had fun - which is really what it is about for the youngsters.


Jeff Buddington said...

Translated and totally unconfirmed pre-race trash talking from the SP Kennel team:
Spoog: "I want my burger NOWWWWW!"
Raffie: "I'm SPONSORED, what are you doing here?"
Scooter: "Wait do I have this harness on right?"
Mac: "I'm sorry, is that a mosquito barking at me?"
Boris: "Hey poodle! Who makes your team sled? Flexible Flyer?"
ChaCha:"PIPE DOWN YOU GUYS!...how did I get this gig..."

Anonymous said...

Way to go SP young dogs!!! With Cha Cha in the front, they couldn't miss!!!