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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bridgett Safely In & Sleeping

Bridgett and her dog are safely to the finish.  Bridgett finished with ChaCha and Bullet in lead. They were here rocks the whole race. She dropped Lester, Honda & Kipper, finishing with 9 dogs.

Aliy, Allen & Bridgett are meeting for breakfast soon. More stories soon.


Dustyllr said...

I bet they were!! I actually was comforted knowing she had ChaCha, Bullet, and Teddy on her team!

Just another example of Bridgett's true character! It is easy to give up when things aren't going as planned, but Bridgett mushed her team to the finish under difficult conditions!!

What a role model!!

weedabble said...

I agree...it's easy to smile when it is easy going...it shows great character to be able to do it when the going has been challenging. And I also agree about ChaCha, Bullet, and Teddy....I think I can see now why the teams were divided up the way they were...If Allen or Aliy couldn't be right there to help Bridgett, then the help of strong, experienced dogs is the next best thing! I am so glad that the team pulled together and finished so well.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear about all three teams, special hugs to Bullet!